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Update: January 2009

I really enjoyed my time as a youngster in the Scouts from aged 8 yrs... then as a Leader and subsequently a District Commissioner... until latterly red-tape and internal politics really took all the enjoyment out of it.  Crunch time came in 2006 when I stood down from my D.C. role and handed in my D.C. & Scout Leader's warrants (05-DEC-2006).

Possibly a mistake, but I have been cajoled back into helping out my local Scout Group with the Explorer Section... time will tell.

Explorers Scouts... click HERE

Cupar & Dutch Scout Groups

Anyway the following links take you to my original Scout web-pages... which I must now think about updating.

{short description of image} Monday Scouts Introduction.
{short description of image} 19th World Jamboree -Chile

{short description of image} Kenmore '96
{short description of image} Eurotour 98
{short description of image} Poland '99
{short description of image} Eurotour 2000
{short description of image} Activities

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