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I have a number of interests resulting in this index page giving access to a variety of subjects.

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{short description of image} E-Boat Class Association

My E-Boat Class Association Pages give information about the boats, the association, safety aspects, diary of events, race results and sales/wanted.

I love sailing and I was* an RYA Senior Instructor for Keelboats and Dinghies (to Level 5 of the older syllabus) and a member of the St. Andrews & Anstruther Sailing Clubs.  I have sailed and owned numerous dinghies, mono & multi-hulls and additionally sailed a few cruiser/racers over the past years.

*lack of time has meant I have allowed the qualifications to lapse.

{short description of image} Motorcycling

I have been motorcycling on the road since the age of 16.  I became a part time examiner with the Institute of Advanced Motorists in 1986.  However when I  retired from the police in 2005 I was offered the IAM's Motorcycle Staff Examiner position, covering Scotland and northern England... a position I enjoyed and held until 31 MAR 2014.  I am not a track fanatic, but I enjoy touring at home and in Europe.

{short description of image} Cars

I have always been a car enthusiast and have owned a variety of vehicles over the years from MG's to family type cars and a Land Rover. I now have a MG Midget to eat into my free time.

(Picture of my Robin Hood 2b - Oct 2003 to Jan 2006)

{short description of image} Fife Constabulary

The main constraint associated with the above pursuits was always work... but having completed 30 years as a Police Officers I am now off to try other things and spend a bit more time on my pursuits!

Through this link you can visit the "official" Fife Constabulary Web Site... and find some items of my own.

Thane of Fife

{short description of image} Scouts

Enjoyed my time as a youngster in the Scouts from aged 8 yrs and then as a Scout Leader and District Commissioner until latterly red-tape and internal politics really took all the enjoyment out of it.  Anyway this link takes you to my original Scout web-pages... which I must now think about updating.

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